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We gave away 15 of these Wood Bongs around 8 years ago to test them and as a Gift. We have also been testing them ourselves. We are all still using them today. Nobody has had any health problems of any kind. We have also had no troubles with the working and durability of these bongs. (Our testers are also frequent smokers). Since the testing went well, we filed for a Patent and that process has taken a few years to go through the process. Although, this time has also given us a long time to test the bongs. We now have a Patent so we can start selling them here on this website only. Exclusively! 

Sealers we use: The outside of the bongs are sealed and protected with a water-based Lacquer. The inside of the bong is sealed with a Two part Epoxy that is just like any other plastic once it is cured. Considered, Inert. Our sealers contain no solvents and have no odor when cured, very pleasant low odor when wet or mixing. Has no strong offensive or toxic odor when wet.

D & C Wood Bongs and this website are owned by myself, DeWayne Lepper and brother Cliff Lepper.

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