D & C Wood Bongs

I bet you have never seen anything like these Bongs! Are you tired of buying a new bong every year because it broke. Our bongs are so Durable, you will probably never have to buy another one. We are D & C Wood Bongs and we are making these Unique Wood Bongs in all kinds of different styles and shapes with a variety of different wood Species such as Walnut, Ashe, Beech, Ebony, Hickory, Purple Heart, Cherry, Boxelder and several others. The Bong on this page have already been sold, although we do have these Marijuana Bongs for sale. We will get into the Exotic Woods also. Made in the USA! Free Shipping to U.S. and Canada!

Our Wood Bongs are Patented, so this will be the only place to purchase these Hand Made Wood Bongs. These bongs are made of Real wood and put together piece by piece by real people, not machines or robots. D & C Wood Bongs are Very Durable and hard to break, especially compared to glass. They do take quite a few hours of manual labor to make so this is why they are Priced accordingly. Get yours before they’re all gone!                                            





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